bayang mahal

because being taught to sing to a marching band, and being asked to die by a firing squad, are deep wounds we have been festering in our heart/mind. is poverty a medal for righteousness? is having to leave home to work overseas heroic? is to survive or die a super typhoon a noble feat?

over a quick chat at the start of the new year, kuya joey shared a few more thoughtful revisions to Lupang Hinirang (in addition to those sung in this video) as we continue to tamper with the philippine national anthem :) i share his writing and my translations below.

[metro: 4 6]

bayang magiliw
perlas ng silanganan
alab ng puso
sa dibdib mo’y buhay

to my dear gentle people
a pearl of the east
the heart’s pulse beats alive in your chest

lupang hinirang
duyan ka ng magiting
sa manlulupig
di ka pasisiil

blessed earth
you cradle the noble and those of courage
to those who prey on you
you will not be beaten down

sa dagat | at bundok sa simoy |
at sa langit mong bughaw
may dilag ang tula | at awit
sa paglayang minamahal

from the oceans to the mountains
from the breeze to your blue skies
there is beauty in the poetry you sing
for the freedom we love

ang kislap ng watawat mo’y tagumpay |
na nagniningning
ang bituin at araw niya |
kailanpama’y di magdidilim

the stars and the sun shine of your victory
and will never fade into darkness

lupa ng araw ng
luwalhati’t pagsinta
buhay ay langit sa piling mo
aming ligaya na pag may nang-aapi naaapi
ang mamatay magmahal ng dahil sa iyo.

land of sun
of blazing passion
life is heaven by your side
and for whenever anyone is oppressed,
our joy is to love, is to keep loving because of you.

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